Say Delicious

Reimagining the Cookie Baker

Branding & Design

In a world where every other custom cookie company is steeped in pastels and whimsy, Say Delicious wanted to stand out as the bakery with an edge. With a physical storefront on the horizon, they needed an identity system that could work across diverse mediums: business cards, lapel pins, aprons, watermarks, ingredient labels, plastic cups, an e-commerce website and a host of other placements that can dot a click and mortar landscape.

With the must haves being the incorporation of an octopus character and the use of a steampunk aesthetic, I created a few identifiable marks that could be mixed and matched subject to context.

This allowed Say Delicious to put a full name version with flourishes and a mascot on their storefront sign or a tiny “SAYd” word mark in tighter settings. They also needed a website to sell and ship their product so a Shopify site was created and themed to match the new look and feel.

Say Delicious has grown from baking in a cramped single oven home kitchen to the build out of a stylized storefront with full commercial ovens. And their online store allows them to quickly spin up seasonal products to sell and ship across the US.