Making Values Visual 

Concept, Copywriting & Design

When CallTrackingMetrics embarked on updating their core values, they wanted a fun and engaging way to get them communicated within their company walls. They also wanted memorable visuals so they would be easy to recall by everyone in the company.

I embarked on an exploratory creative process were I joined familiar sayings, pop culture references and amusing turns of phrase with engaging graphics to help reinforce their four new values. I worked on creating three different groupings that could each live as one unit of posters or framed art. From there I broke the graphics out and placed them on different pieces of collateral to adorn desks, cabinets, notebooks and laptop covers.

Now when employees need to call up what CTM stands for they can think of Freddie Mercury to remember how they’re champions of innovation, a VW microbus to recall their commitment to community, a superhero to power their purposeful work ethic or a smiley face to remind them how to treat their customers.