Plan Your Competition Routine

Branding & UI/UX Design

CheerKeeper is a mobile app that was developed by my wife and me to help better organize performance schedules for our daughter’s cheerleading competitions. At the typical cheer meet, participants and family members download, print out and highlight a program to know where and when each team is to perform. Doing this week after week became cumbersome, confusing and time-consuming. We knew there had to be a better way, so we created CheerKeeper.

With CheerKeeper, you can find competitions before game day by location, date, brand and program and then save details and schedules to your personal events list. You can also identify performance times by level, division or program and quickly scan the details. To keep on top of things during the meet, it allows you to set trigger notifications for select performances and set the times you want to be notified. Crowd-sourced updates will modify the schedule if performances are scratched or times are changed.

For the CheerKeeper brand, I built out a vibe that speaks to the high energy, confident world of competitive cheerleading. It maintains a sense of precision that is innate within a champion cheer performance and organization that is central to the CheerKeeper app’s appeal.