Rosewood Bourbon

Bottling a Brand 

Branding & Design

I was approach by the owner of Rosewood Bourbon to get him 10,000 Instagram followers to match his 10,000 Facebook followers. With nothing but a bottle label and a newspaper clipping to go on, I asked him what the Rosewood brand stood for. Jack Daniel’s has the bad boy image, WhistlePig is more tongue-in-cheek and Crown Royal has a regal persona.

I said:

“Before I can create Instagram posts, we need to determine what the Rosewood brand is all about, what you want to say and how you want to say it.”

So we jumped into a brand strategy and landed on a world that embraces hand-crafted sophistication. We positioned the brand as the flashy, bold and a bit boozy after party held in the barn loft out back by the famed enigmatic 1920s literary figure Jay Gatsby.

Based solely on a bottle label that was made in the 1930s, a design system was created encompassing an array of brand assets and graphic elements to be mixed and matched for any application, including those Instagram posts!